We didn’t have police in school but when they came for incidents that occurred in school I always seen a native kid involved. My experience was while I was a grade 8 student. I was outside at lunchtime sitting and talking with my friends. A grade 7 student with his friends started throwing grapes at me. After the 3rd grape, I verbally warned him that 1 more would get him my fist in his face. He threw the grape, I just walked over and punched him, he fell, his grade 8 brother jumped up and head locked me. Oddly, I was mature enough that I did what I needed and never fought or intended on fighting.

It was all a 5 minute long situation when the teacher got there. Just some grapes, a punch, a headlock from his big brother then the teacher. In the School office, getting our punishment, the school brought a police officer because of the “assault.” The officer must have got “the story” from the school because when he arrived he started with 5 minutes aimed just to me about how charges can be laid, expulsion blah blah blah.

When he shut up I asked where the big brother was and he knew nothing of the big brother. I asked about the grape assault and he knew nothing. So he decided to ask me what happened.....He asked the other kid if he heard my warning and if I told the story correct, the kid agreed. The cop turned to the teacher, said have a nice day and left. He was correct I think, the school’s rendition of the story could’ve got me in trouble if I wasn’t smart enough to talk in that room with the principal, cop and other kid. Maybe it’s cause I’m native?

Former Student

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