Contact your school trustees and demand healthy, equitable, police-free schools in your community.

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I am a constituent writing out of concern for the role that police play in our school division. I ask you to immediately reconsider the current deployment and future hiring of any police officers to work within our division’s schools. In particular, the School Resource Officer (SRO) program needs to be suspended immediately.

Research shows that the presence of SROs has detrimental impacts on staff, students, and community members, particularly Black and Indigenous people, and people of colour. Our school division has never completed an equity-based review of the SRO program, a review that would prioritize the voices and experiences of BIPOC students and staff. Their experiences are essential in considering the future of the SRO program. It is deplorable that meaningful consultation has not taken place.

In the absence of this information, I urge you to read the testimonies collected at In these accounts, students write about being scared and suffering trauma because of the SROs in their schools. Teachers question the need to have armed officers patrolling school hallways. Staff are critical of the targeting of BIPOC students, further contributing to the School to Prison pipeline. These testimonies emphasize the need to suspend the SRO program and move towards school environments that prioritize the health and well-being of all students.

If our school division is committed to equity for BIPOC students, to antiracist action, and to healthy schools, then SROs need to be removed immediately. I hope you will champion this shift in priorities, as a meaningful response to the concerns of your community.


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