We need your help Winnipeg! Please call and email to demand the release of LRSD’s report on the SRO Program review! The report is an important tool that could help clear a path to end the policing of many racialized and marginalized students in their school environments! Share widely!

This report is the crucial research that resulted in the recent cancellation of the School Resource Officer Program in LRSD, but recently, the LRSD board of trustees voted against releasing it.

Please use the template below to call or email the Louis Riel School Division board trustees who voted against the release of the SRO Program review report, as well as the superintendent and vice-superintendent who currently support that decision, and demand its immediate release!

Contact information of the LRSD trustees is listed below.

Louise Johnston: (204) 612-7121, Louise.Johnston@lrsd.net
Pamela Kolochuk: (204) 297-5339, Pamela.Kolochuk@lrsd.net
Sandy Nemeth: (204) 230-6475, Sandy.Nemeth@lrsd.net
Robert Page: (204) 541-1303, Robert.Page@lrsd.net
Tom Parker: (204) 298-9249, Tom.Parker@lrsd.net
Neil Vadeboncoeur (204) 254-7636, Neil.Vadeboncoeur@lrsd.net
Cindy Turner: (204) 294-3047, Cindy.Turner@lrsd.net
Chris Sigurdson: (204) 230-4601, Chris.Sigurdson@lrsd.net
Josie Landry: (204) 292-4661, Josie.Landry@lrsd.net

Superintendent Christian Michalik: christian.michalik@lrsd.net
Assistant Superintendent Darcy Cormack: darcy.cormack@lrsd.net

See a draft letter for LRSD trustees

Dear trustees,

Earlier this year, in response to multiple community reports of harm, the Louis Riel School Division contracted an independent antiracism researcher to conduct an equity-based review of your School Resource Officer Program. You posted a statement in April saying that the resulting report of this review would be publicly released. Upon receiving the completed report, you voted unanimously to cancel the SRO Program and you announced a new antiracism initiative on October 5th. However, you subsequently voted to withhold the report.

I applaud the cancellation of the SRO program, but the fact that the Division has failed to release the report as promised is unacceptable. This research should be used to assist other communities in coming to terms with the fact that police do not belong in schools, and to clear the path for SRO and other school policing program cancellations elsewhere. The report can help to take the burden off of racialized and marginalized students who will not be subjected to the retraumatizing effects of having to tell their stories of harm over and over again.

Multiple calls to have this report released, including from local media, have been denied. You must revisit your decision in light of the information above and immediately release the report of the School Resource Officer Program review. Keeping this report hidden, a report that would greatly help racialized and marginalized students, is not in keeping with your recent statement that you will be adopting an "Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism Initiative."


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