when i was 15/16 (2013-2014) i went to the principles at my school about a severe bullying issue with a girl in the school who kept attacking me, mostly via twitter and spreading false rumors online. and when the school said they couldn't do anything to help, i went to the school cop thinking she would. and word for word the school cop told my mother and i during a meeting "girls will be bitches, you should learn to grow thicker skin" and went on about how if she was my age she would've just beat up that girl up by now.

she did nothing to help my situation and left me feeling more hopeless than ever and feeling as if i should take matters into my own hands almost in the way she slightly suggested. the female cop i had at my school did not help anyone, from any story i heard all she did was provoke situations and make people, mainly the guys, out like criminals especially if they were just being reckless teenage boys or were experiencing drug issues. she did not make me feel safer in school, if anything it taught me to distrust the police system simply based off of my experience when i asked for help, and listening to peers talk about theirs did not help either.

police have no business being in schools, if you want to do anything to help schools, bring in mental health professionals and people who can actually help kids during challenging situations, like bullying for example, if the school isn't capable enough to deal with it on their own. a cop in a school does nothing but leave everyone on edge and feeling like they've done something wrong when they haven't. kids have enough on their plates, they do not need to feel on edge every second of the day with a cop wandering the halls.

Past student, graduated 2015

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