I was sitting in the stage area at TC doing some last minute studying before my only exam and last at that school before transferring to a different school in the division. Already full of tension from having to take an exam and I also didn’t really wanting to talk to anyone the SRO came up and started talking to me about how he used to attend the school along with other things. In general even before the BLM movement I’ve been uncomfortable with Police. I am openly autistic and have seen what they do to people when they are having a tough time or having a panic attack. After he left I thought In my head “that was so traumatizing, how could you not see that I just wanted to be left alone ” and “why is he picking me specifically to talk to” I think personally SRO have no real beneficial purpose in schools I think the money should be put towards hiring more guidance councillors in school or mental health professionals trained specifically to help students, not to use their title as an excuse to profile students of minorities. (Happened January 2020)

Student, RETSD Transcona collegiate

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