St.Johns highschool was one of the first high schools to receive a resource officer between 2001-2004, I remember her. Her name? No. But i remember the confrontation, the haughty condescension when we would ask if we were breaking any laws when she would approach us and we would walk away explaining she's not a teacher,  she's not a resource we required at the moment and we weren't required to engage with her, she would forcibly grab us and pull us into the office to find an authority who could suspend or reprimand.

When she was brought into "conflicts" it was to prove criminalization of childhood conflicts.

I was expelled at the suggestion of the resource officer after a serious incident that required mental health care, adult intervention and support; I was provided a criminal assement,  and was immediately removed from any resources the school division could have provided me and my family and my education was put at risk while the St.Johns team decided my fate over a 3 month period risking the last semester of grade 10 before Sisler Highschool proactively called me and asked me why I had not responded to their referral in 2.5 months.

I was subsequently denied health care after lashing out at Mr.Michael bridgeford read for making lewd sexual comments to the 13-17 year old girls in his class about enjoying watching us all turn into lesbians, mr. David heilmann telling us we aren't in a fucking movie, ghetto do nothing kids dont make it out of hood if they dont practice their instruments and the litany of bullies I had been harassed for years and physically  assaulted by and having had brought all of these legitimate concerns to the resource officer( later went on stress leave after many students accused him of inappropriate advancements)when it came to me being at the end of a conflict , that's when zero tolerance was enforced with little to no planning for the me the student who didn't have the skills to properly deal with conflict, wasnt able to restore or repair damage and wasn't even made aware the outcome of my resource officer recommended expelling for 3 months when it had been decided 2 weeks after the incident .

Mr.Heshka the Sisler principle is single-handedly responsible for my graduating on time and for any sort of academic success i have achieved. His honesty "you know, St.johns tried to screw you hey?" Was the first time I trusted an authority because he was brutally honest about the fuckery at St.Johns and that he welcomes any kid expelled from there with open arms. Redemption, my first example, guess i have a resource officer to thank for my life long fostered hatred of police, authority and for keeping me away from mental health care until I was 29

Student, St.Johns highschool Wsd1

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