One thing that I haven’t really seen in discussions around police in schools is when police come talk to classes about not doing drugs and things along that nature, they always finish with a question period. In my career, every single Q&A has yielded questions along the same vein: « do you have a gun? » « have you ever shot your gun? » « can we see your gun ?». Though they never unholster their firearm, they do show the taser and I’ve seen them pass their metal baton around. There is a certain type of little boy who is always transfixed with the weapons. I  sometimes wonder what these police visits do for their development, seeing a strong man that they admire casually talking about having multiple weapons constantly on their person. These boys often aspire to become police officers themselves. I shudder to think that little boys obsessed with the weapons that police carry might someday carry those weapons themselves and perpetuate a culture of violence in our city.


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